Battery memory

When my brother inlaw gave me his laptop it about 5 years ago it had the original cell pack.
It started to not hold a charge after a while so I got a new pack. It was a good level Toshiba pack just like the laptop.

I didn’t follow a discharge plan and i’m guessing that was the reason this new cell pack only gave me maby 20 minutes of laptop use when unplugged.
So, I bought another cell pack and have been doing the discharge unplugged practice now. It is good to see the new cells give me at least 2 hours now.
Posting more to start some topics and posts and learning this format.

I do want to know the frequency rate of which I should be unplugging and discharging…

If they are Li-ion cells I don’t think they have memory like the older cells we were using, just limited full charge cycles. I read something where draining them half way twice is no harder on fully draining them once, or what ever fractions like that. If true, leaving the AC charger brick on 100% of the time should preserve battery capacity, when needed. I’m sure that depends upon the charger sensing when they don’t need a charge or limiting the voltage so they don’t charge when at their fully rated voltage.