CNI MGL-H-50 593.5nm 50mW

Hi Guys, as promised I’ll share with you some quick photos of that 593.5nm unit I scored on eBay.
It arrived safely from Russia and is is great working order. Can’t believe I now own a 50mW 593.5nm lab unit to add to my collection. [image]
I will try to get some beamshots after Christmas when I will be then regularly using the unit.

Here is the laser head.


And the laser sticker.


The complete unit. It comes with a Euro Schuko Type F plug so had to get a Schuko to UK plug adaptor. The power supply is complete with an interlock and key switch. Mustn’t lose that key.


And now at least a couple of it working.


Look at that lovely bright amber spot. :drool: The dot seemed to stay TEM00 the whole time which is good for 593.5nm. The dot starts of moderately bright, and after a short warm up it increases to a nice stable bright round spot.


And apologies, a very poor attempt at trying to show the beam in a lit room. The beam is lovely and tight which if you look very carefully you can just make out in some areas of the photo. [image]


Overall, I’m very impressed with the unit so far with the short time I have used it. I’ll update this thread in the near future with some more pics of it lasing. Hopefully will be able to get a good few beamshots to share, as well as a comparison with my 589 Spartan which is similar in power.

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Lovely, 50 mw is quite a lot of power at that wavelength, especially when stable like yours. I remember when you were first going to buy that, glad you were able to snag it. Very rare wavelength. Price for the two listed on ebay right now is $1200 and $2250. I didn’t expect to see any listed right now.

I got it from a Russian a while back for a bargain price.
Stability is excellent, it is TEM01 I noticed from far field. But to have that much power in lab form in that wavelength is a rare and expensive thing.

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