Compact laser heads drive industrial laser processing

Global trends toward reducing carbon footprint and operational costs as well as the push for high-precision processing tools have led to increasing demand for compact laser systems that can be implemented in processing plants and production lines.

Earlier this year, Opt Lasers has released the world’s first compact three-laser-diodes laser head for CNC machines, namely PLH3D-15W, while Opt Lasers’ next release, a compact six-laser-diodes laser, PLH3D-30W, awaits its launch in June. PLH3D-15W and PLH3D-30W laser heads were developed as subsequent product lines following the Opt Lasers Grav’s compact PLH3D-6W-Series. The innovation introduced by these products’ design was recognized in the form of receiving an EU grant to implement these solutions. These innovative products carve a path towards a more sustainable future as increasing applications require versatile, yet compact and energy-efficient solutions. PLH3D-15W and PLH3D-30W laser heads emit light at 445 nm, which is more efficiently absorbed than IR or CO2 laser beams by many materials being laser cut or engraved. This translates to lower power consumption needed to laser process the material of choice, which is multiple times lower than the power consumption of an equivalent CO2 laser.

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