Introduce: New laser drivers and new module series from LIVE Lasersystems austria

Let me introduce: Sparrow.
A completely redesigned laser module series that completely reinterprets the word “modular”.
Sparrow can be purchased in two ways: pre-assembled and tuned, or completely separate for maximum flexibility for any application.
Sparrow has a large selection of accessories which is constantly being expanded. In addition to an optional TEC, beam correction using cylindrical lenses is probably one of Sparrow’s key features.
But probably the biggest star among the compatible components is the brand new ColorDRIVE one - a one-channel version of the already widespread ColorDRIVE 6.
But enough of the long speech: Sparrow is available now and presents itself most impressively on our website:

You can use any 12mm diode sleeves (if you have diodes in housings) and you also are able to use the cyl. correction just in 12mm holes without the module…
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Very nice product, I bought the Sparrow and the ColorDrive and they are beautiful.