Laser Safety Info

This “Laser Safety Info” forum is a read-only public service of Forum. It will contain key facts you should know about how to safely use your laser(s).

The most important points you should understand are these:

  1. Do not aim a laser beam at anyone’s eyes or head. This goes for people as well as animals.

  2. Watch out for beams reflected off shiny surfaces such as mirrors and glass. These can cause the same types of injuries as beams coming direct from the laser.

  3. Do not aim a laser beam at or near any aircraft or vehicle. There have been car accidents caused when a laser is shone at a driver. Pilots are at similar risk from being distracted or flashblinded. It is unsafe – and it is illegal, you could be arrested or even jailed. A list of persons jailed for aiming lasers at pilots is [here].

  4. Don’t annoy people with the laser beam, such as at movies or in public. This makes laser pointer users seem irresponsible, and increases the general public’s support for restrictive laser pointer laws.

Working with laser light is entertaining and educational. Follow the four points above and you’ll help keep laser pointers safe and legal.

“If you think you need medical help or attention for an eye injury or any other medical problem, you probably do.”

If you have been hit in the eye with a laser and feel you have suffered any type of eye injury as the result of an accident with a laser that may need medical opinion or treatment, go to a hospital Emergency Room and/or consult a qualified Board Certified MD Ophthalmologist ASAP.

This forum is a laser hobbyist website, not physicians, and cannot give any medical or legal advice.
No professional medical or legal advice is available or possible on Forum

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