Make a disinfecting flashlight?

I expect uv-c protective glasses would need to be worn when using a disinfecting flashlight made with this led, or is this reasonably possible ? Any thoughts, please share.

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Because my other hobby is rocks and minerals, I did come across a cheaper UVC LED that I’ll give you the link for.

You’ll need a more local supplier. But here you go.

I’m yet to purchase them, but we know from lasers OSRAM are trustworthy.

It goes without saying these LED’s are extremely dangerous. Definitely need goggles to use. It is not unreasonable to expect that one LED will do the job, and at that price you could afford an array.

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There’s also this one @ 275nm but less output at less cost.

That output is a lot less, for not much less money. Also the wavelength is longer.

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