Netfinds of interest: Laser related items offered online, ebay etc

Please post items of interest being offered for sale you want to share or ask questions about.

Here’s one I just purchased:

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Let me know how effective those sensor cards are.

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:slight_smile: Not 561 nm, but close at 558. I would not call them “yellow”, maybe lime-green.

Edit: These are some of the optlaser modules offered about two years ago which are no longer being produced.

The specs are:
15-20mW @ 558nm
12V Driver
0-5V Analog Modulation
Fan Cooled


Link to manufactures web page for this unit: i-Phos Light Spectrometer

Manual for the Theremino spectrometer:

The i-Phos HD Spectrometer is an inexpensive instrument for those of us who don’t need a professional unit to measure wavelength and one of the best deals I’ve found on the net for use in my laser hobby to date. At about 1/10 the cost of a low end professional unit, I don’t see how anyone who needs to measure light wavelengths or spectral bandwidth to a resolution of about 2 nanometers from 370 to 950+ nm can go wrong at the price offered (read below, when the software was properly calibrated I was able to measure exactly 1064 nm from a stable source through a 1 mm wide slit).

Above, photo from the manufacturers web page.

The tube is made of cardboard and plastic with a common USB web camera mounted inside with a film diffraction grating placed in front of the lens to produce lines of spectrum which together with the Theremino software, act as a psuedo line camera.

I just measured the wavelength of a cheap UV glue LED light which came with my glue, 402 nm :slight_smile: It is so damn nice to finally be able to measure wavelength!

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Very nice review Chris. For the money that is a very good spectrometer.

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This unit works so well, it gives me the itch to build one out of aluminum tubing, or put what is inside of this tube into one. However, I don’t know how that will affect the thermal properties, might just take longer to stabilize if not already at room temperature where the cardboard probably does so very quickly. Conversely, may be more stable once at temperature.

I am interested in seeing what happens to the resolution if using a 4 MP or higher camera (this one uses 2 MP), but from what I’ve seen, the spectrum software wasn’t programmed for larger than 2 MP. I need to find someone who can answer that question. The software can be downloaded with developer files, so someone who knows how to program could likely make that change.

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Monochromator: Lots of them on ebay, these will measure wavelength more accurately than anything I’ve found available on the surplus market cheap (well, some are priced high, others can be snagged on an offer for $250, as I just did) verity monochromator detector ep200 | eBay

Pinout here: Microsoft Word - prodcat.doc (

Monochromator 1