Please list items of interest found for sale on the internet here

I found something interesting on ebay for sale by SilconSam of Sam’s Laser FAQ (I believe he is the same guy). This is a Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer kit.

I saved the listing in PDF format here because it has a lot of good information about these devices:

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Not quite the right thread but the companies sticky isn’t a public post so I’ll share here. A new person i’ve spoken to before on reddit has his own little laser site, they seem to be of nice quality and the general reaction and reviews are positive. I’ll have to order one for myself to see how the interaction goes but i’m hopeful, he seems quite nice and I like the hosts he uses. Here’s the site:


Yep, his user is loreadarkshade on LPF. Seems to be a good option. I haven’t heard anyone make any complaints yet about him.

Thanks, I don’t see anything at LPF anymore, when ever I go there my IP gets attacked by Unown.

No need for you to go back there. Anything useful I’ll share on here for you.

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I’m learning about Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometers, looks so interesting to me but not sure if I would have any practical use for them with what I do with lasers. My understanding is they can be used to measure the wavelength down to the nats back side in accuracy, but need a known reference to be used with them to do so.

This one looks interesting, needs a few things to work: TecOptics FPI-50 Fabry Perot Interferometer 50mm dia. tunable etalon w/ manual | eBay

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That’s seems like a lab quality interferometer. That optic alone is probably worth a small fortune.

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You can check mode of operation too.

Manual says mirrors are coated for VIS, but looking at scanning interferometers, most of them have limited range within VIS, I have the manual for this, but it does not give that information.

i.e. Thorlabs

SA200-3B 350 - 535 nm
SA200-5B 535 - 820 nm
SA200-8B 820 - 1275 nm
SA200-12B 1275 - 2000 nm
SA200-18C 1800 - 2600 nm IR-Grade Fused Silica (Infrasil®)
SA200-30C 3000 - 4400 nm

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