Sanwu RGB offered again

Been years out of stock, now available:


Cool, nice to see these back!

I don’t see anything on the Sanwu web site whether there have been improvements to the design. These have had a problem with heat in the past causing permanent reduced output, I was hoping they found a way to reduce the problem but no mention. Perhaps they quietly solved the issue.

They’ve either fixed the problem or just went with demand regardless. Many wanted these.

Perhaps so. One thing about their product information stating at 12 years of use they will loose half power, that doesn’t really make sense, 12 years of 24 hours a day 7 days a week is over 100,000 hours, many laser diodes are rated to 1/10 that to half power. Seriously though, that kind of claim doesn’t mean that, it means 12 years of average use but they don’t say so.

My guess is they might be running a bit hot when all three diodes are transmitting (putting out) full power, a rule of thumb is every 10 degrees C. increase of temperature reduces the life by 50%.

Gripe, gripe, gripe… I know, but I am happy they are offering them again regardless of the snipes.

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I asked if there were internal improvements to this version and they are responding there are, but no mention of what they are. I asked if I can get the one I have now repaired due to 150 mw lower than spec output, their response was the cost could be 300-600 USD. I then asked if they can do a trade in, they are not able to do so due to my version being so much older was their response. However, they offered a deep discount :slight_smile: Very tempting.

It would be interesting to know if they had improved them after all those years.

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Sanwu did tell me there is less spreading of the three beams with this model, that they did something to improve it.

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