Smallest RGB unit you know of?

Hey there, im looking for micro RGB dichro combined laser modules to build into a handheld unit (yes i know, eyeroll), im wondering what’s the smallest easily available units you guys know of? other than the standard units and specialized micro units for personal eyeglasses displays, i don’t see much. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. worst case i’ll need to get handy in CAD and find somebody with a 3D printer, but a pre made compact unit would be awesome if available. thanks pals!

Hey! (Welcome BTW!)

Have a look at the pico projector RGB modules.
I think they have around 200mW.
They featured a 80mW OPSL 530mW laser with a sm red + sm blue diode.

They are tiny! Smaller than a zippo lighter!

They where available on eBay for a long time. I can’t find them currently :frowning:
Might be that someone has a few left (@Laser_Project?)

Otherwise the smallest and cheapest are the RGB modules available at eBay/aliexpress.

If you got a 3D printer, Arctic got you covered with a build with of the shelf parts:
Arctics RGB host

Otherwise, nothing beats going custom but that requires tools (mill, lathe).

Like this one

Lasertack also offers small rgb modules but it’s cheaper go buy the Chinese modules.

those pico projector modules would be perfect! unfortunate i can’t find them either, but that search term does help me and i found some new sources. Man is that CNC build sweet, i would love to do that if i had the tools. Arctic’s open source project is awesome and may be just what i’m after! Thank you for the info!

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Sad that these modules are not available anymore.

I would recommend searching for pl530 or „rgb laser module holography“ on eBay.

If I remember correctly he advertised it as holography friendly.

The seller was private, so he might just have the modules not online currently.