Some laser pics from the past few months

Hello, I was not sure if the Forum was ready to accept posts and saw a post asking for posts so here are some shots. Many of them have the Sanwu RGB, and all sorts of other items. Now I am doing a good amount of shooting of vials of water with different colored UV dyes, UV lighting, and lasers.

After the laser pics I posted a few shots of the Pyramid light show where they did use laser projections. A bit on the grainy side as I did not have my tripod and shot at 1400 ISO
These were taken beginning of Feb 2020, two weeks before Egypt shut down


Fantastic work Bruce. Thank you for sharing your pics here.
How cool to see the pyramids illuminated.

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Thanks for share Bruce! :slight_smile:
Just awesome


Awesome eye candy.
Outstanding exceptional laser photo artwork, as always brucemir :+1:

Thanks for posting. Keep them coming

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